DCA 2.0.1 Release Notes


 FourV Engineering Team is proud to release DCA Version 2.0.1. This release includes expanded functionality for our new Snapshot Offering

Snapshot User Interface Changes

Framework Menu: Compliance Frameworks have been consolidated from the previous tabular display to a drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the user interface.  


Coverage Configuration: Coverage Configuration is now in a checklist format, allowing for easy addition of devices and compliance practices. The field requirements have also changed for ease of data entry. The Domain and Date Implemented are now the only two required fields. 


Dynamic Tenant Mode

While our existing Tenant mode allows you to enter a tenant name with a defined pattern match using regular expressions, we recognize that the number of customers an MSSP is supporting can scale up and down rapidly. To respond to this need, we've created a dynamic tenant mode where defined keys along with regular expression patterns may be used to automatically create tenants and sort incoming data to those new tenants. More information on this feature can be found in the DCA User Guide for 2.0.1

Data Support:

Data support has been added for: 

  • Sophos
  • Snort
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