GreySpark 2.2.2 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the release of GreySpark 2.2.2

Individual customers will be contacted as their instances are updated to the 2.2.2 GreySpark Platform.

Highlights of the GreySpark 2.2.2 update include:

Data Sources. We have added support for Netwrix Auditor and Comodo Endpoint Security Manager.

Dashboard. For accessibility, the colors for High, Average, and Low scores in the Dashboard have been standardized, and each marker has had the threshold added to it.


Cyber Defense Matrix. A new, cleaner look for the Cyber Defense Matrix.


Dashboard. Create a Journal Entry or Alert directly from the Dashboard, instead of having to switch tabs or views.


Priority Tab View Changes. Now in the Priority Tab, the domains will "freeze" in the pane, and not scroll off the top, duplicating the behavior of the upper tab menu. 






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