GreySpark Central 2.1.3 Release Notes


FourV Engineering is pleased to announce that GreySpark Central 2.1.3 has been released. This release builds upon our current deployment management solution to integrate seamlessly with newly introduced features in GreySpark 2.4.1

Release Highlights Below:

Journal Entries now have dynamic field generation that corresponds to each category selected. Special categories such as Advanced Persistent Threats, Hunt Missions, Cyber Kill Chains, and Threat Landscape have customized fields to better capture their data for later reporting. These new categories are also reflected in the updated reporting. These alerts can be entered from GreySpark Central and propagate to selected deployments for reporting purposes. 


Deployment and Architecture have been changed to further support up to 100 tenants or deployments per GreySpark Central instance with the ability to perform historical and daily data collection and reporting. 

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