GreySpark 2.4.1 Release Notes


FourV Engineering is pleased to announce that GreySpark 2.4.1 has been released. This much anticipated release  includes several user interface, configuration, and reporting updates. 

Customers will be contacted as their instances are updated to the 2.4.1 GreySpark Platform.

Details of the GreySpark 2.4.1 update include:

The Summary Score Panel has been updated to include the six Key Metrics and their current scores. The metric scores are direct links to their corresponding tabs in GreySpark.


The Cyber Defense Matrix has been updated to match the look and feel of our new Snapshot offering. This new CDM utilizes the new Network and Subnetwork settings mentioned below, as well as providing more robust coverage configuration and a variety of compliance frameworks to choose from.


Reporting has been updated to better reflect the user interface labels and graphical representations. This is the first part of a continued update to the reporting suite. 



Journal Entries now have dynamic field generation that corresponds to each category selected. Special categories such as Advanced Persistent Threats, Hunt Missions, Cyber Kill Chains, and Threat Landscape have customized fields to better capture their data for later reporting. These new categories are also reflected in the updated reporting. 


Networks and Subnetwork Configuration now available within the settings section of the user interface. Networks can define a business unit, classification of device, or geographic region, while subnets can define certain IP ranges or CIDR notations within that Network. Business Criticality may also be set for each Domain and subnetworks. These domains and Business Criticality Impact Levels can be used as filter selections in many parts of the GreySpark interface to provide more granular data.


5th Level click Event Window - The Event window pop-up now has options in the upper right for expansion into a full screen mode within the GreySpark UI, or to be opened into a new web browser window. 


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