GreySpark 2.2.4 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the release of GreySpark 2.2.4, this release includes several user interface changes, including the movement of the Cyber Defense Matrix, and the addition of two trending graphs to the GreySpark Cyber Index tab. Additional data source support has also been added. 

Customers will be contacted as their instances are updated to the 2.2.4 GreySpark Platform.

Highlights of the GreySpark 2.2.4 update include:

  • The Cyber Defense Matrix has been moved to the Scorecard Tab as an additional option alongside Risk Contributors and the Status Map. CDM.png
  • A Domain selection drop-down has been added to the Cyber Defense Matrix to add granularity. Administrative users can add the domain designation to new and existing data sources in the Cyber Defense Matrix Coverage screen. Screen_Shot_2017-08-04_at_12_14_45_PM.png
  • Trending Charts for Event Types and Event Severity have been added to the bottom of the GreySpark Cyber Index tab in addition to the Index Components and Stacked View. Both charts show stacked graphs of all Event Types or Event Severities present in the set time frame, with additional stacks displaying trending for previous periods of the same time length. These charts let users filter for Event Type for the Event Types trending tab or Severity, for the Event Severity trending tab. 
  • trending2.png
  • New Data Source Support for the Cylance Protect Product
  • New Data Source Support for data sent from Sumologic, this Data Source Support currently includes data coming from Sumologic for Palo Alto NGFW, Fortinet, and Cylance Protect 
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