GreySpark 2.2.3 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce the release of GreySpark 2.2.3, this is a maintenance release. 

Individual customers will be contacted as their instances are updated to the 2.2.3 GreySpark Platform. Once the update has been complete, due to an update in our authentication infrastructure, all users will need to reset and update their passwords. 

Highlights of the GreySpark 2.2.3 update include:

  • An update to a new authentication method. This change will require that all users reset their passwords to log in after the 2.2.3 update. 

    Resetting your Password

1. From the GreySpark login screen, click on “Don’t remember your password?”


2. Enter the email address associated with your login, and click “SEND EMAIL”. You will receive an email with a one-time link for password reset.



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